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What to Expect When You Visit Us

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Your First Visit to Purpose Chiropractic

Paperwork. We know paperwork can take a little time, but we need the information to get to know about you and help you better. So, take your time and fill it out before you come in and just bring the completed forms along on your first visit.

Make yourself at home in our cozy office. When you come with your paperwork done, your first visit will be less than an hour long.

Consultation and Exam

Now it’s time to meet Dr. Lorentz. “We’ll sit down and discuss your history, concerns and expectations. This is the time when we can really get to know each other and see if chiropractic care is right for you.” Then you’ll proceed for a subluxation scan, neurological evaluation or X-rays (if necessary).

We’ll schedule your next visit as at a time when it’s convenient for you.

The Follow-up visit

On your second visit to us, Dr. Lorentz will discuss what he found and the result of your tests. “I’ll explain the cause of your problem and give you all the information you need. Then we can discuss your options for your care.”

Based on your goals and preferences, you can choose care that’s best suited for you.

Subsequent Visits Depend on You

Your time with us and lifestyle changes are up to you!

Visits and adjustments with chiropractor in Onalaska are just one part of chiropractic care. They help remove some of the barriers that prevent your body from healing or maintaining its natural balance. Positive lifestyle changes such as nutrition, fitness and mental relaxation play a large role in helping your body regain its natural balance and heal itself.

Your health is your choice. You get to choose a treatment plan and you get to choose the lifestyle change that best suits your purpose.

Lunch and Learn.

We want to see you when you’re healthy and help you stay that way. That’s why we have monthly lunch and learn gatherings. At these sessions you can learn from specialists, share your experiences and interact with others on topics like nutrition, toxins, weight loss and more.

Ready to learn more and get started? Wonderful! Let’s setup a time to meet. (608) 519-5767

Dr. Marty Lorentz | Onalaska Chiropractor | (608) 519-5767