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Purpose Chiropractic FAQs

Purpose Chiropractic FAQ's

Purpose Chiropractic FAQ’s

Interested in seeing a chiropractor? Do you have lots of questions running through your mind? We’re here to help. We’ve created a little FAQ archive just for you. Enjoy some of our more commonly asked questions and their answers.

If I start chiropractic care, will I have to continue for the rest of my life?

Depending on your complaint, you may require one or more visits to the chiropractor in Onalaska. These visits may include adjustments to eliminate barriers that are preventing your body from healing.

But, visits and adjustments are just one part of chiropractic intervention. After that, positive lifestyle changes such as nutrition, fitness and mental relaxation play a large role in helping your body regain its natural balance and heal itself.

Therefore your health is your choice. We find that many people choose to come back because they love the feeling they get after an adjustment!

Is it the adjustment that cures my headache or back pain?

The adjustment is one factor, but not all of it. Adjustments eliminate imbalances that are causing problems or discomfort. Once the adjustment is done, and your body is aligned, as it should be, it then allows your body to heal faster and more efficiently.

Then, it’s lifestyle changes that prevent the problem for recurring in the future.

Why do kids need a chiropractor?

Health is a balancing act for everyone. If your lifestyle contains habits that are pulling us out of balance, then the body cannot heal itself without some intervention.

Children have stresses just as we do, but they also have the maximum healing potential. The faster we identify and remove the barriers interfering with their health, the quicker they heal.

Basically, chiropractic care helps build a healthy foundation for a long and happy life.

Why do I need X-rays?

Think of it as going to an unknown destination using a roadmap, instead of relying only on road signs.

There is a direct relationship between the nervous system and the spine. Chiropractic care targets the nervous system and removes barriers that prevent the body from maintaining its natural healthy state.

The purpose of an X-ray, if recommended, is to get a roadmap to your spine. It tells the doctor what’s going on inside your body so that he can target the areas that specifically require intervention.

Do you have a family plan?

Yes, we have different financial plans for families. A majority of our patients are families with children and we love seeing families get healthy together.

Making lifestyle changes alone is difficult. So involve your family and take a holistic, long-term view. It’s not only about chiropractic adjustments but nutrition and fitness too.

More Questions?

We’re happy to discuss them on the phone or in person. Just give us a call! (608) 519-5767

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