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That first step...

I believe this…increasing wellness is something that everyone is interested in.  I also believe this…wellness has become something that at times becomes very convoluted and complicated.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Now this doesn’t mean that the process will become overly simple either.  There will still be loads of information, and sadly lots of misinformation out there that you will have to wade through.  However if you take some time to map out  your thoughts, goals and beliefs about what is important to you for your health and wellness the path will be much clearer.  The key words here are “your health”.   We get frequent suggestions (most of which are with good intentions) about what  health and wellness should look like, but without a plan this can lead us on one goose chase after another.  With the end results often being the same, we may get some changes in the short term but nothing sticks…sound familiar?  The wellness journey is just like any other, take it one step at a time.  Cliche’ yet true, it is a marathon not a sprint to the finish line.  Take some time to let the first step really marinate, and that step is to think.   Think about what is important to you, what are you willing to do, what do you enjoy , what does it mean for you to be well.  Once these bricks are in place your wellness foundation will be set and what you build on top moving forward will be much more resilient and solid.  You are worth the time and effort so take that first step towards your health.

Dr. Marty

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