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Is Faith Enough?

faith blog picYou are here so that title got your attention.  I’m sure there are others who got a little freaked out by the title and decided to pass, oh well.  As you read on I think you will see this is not based on what most of us would think of when we hear the word “faith.”  I know what is usually the first thing that pops into my head.  However, I was doing a bit of writing this morning and I wrote that F-word…Faith.  For no particular reason, but a word that came out next was “action”.   My brain immediately put the two together and I wrote down “faith without works is dead.”  Now I know this is a Bible verse, actually in the book of James.  Full disclosure I had to ask Google for some help on that one.  I don’t know why this was my brains direction this morning (actually I have some ideas but that could be for another time) but I started to think of this concept and how it applied to my daily routine, as well as my paths forward, so I thought I would put it in blog form so maybe someone else could benefit.  I looked up faith and one of the definitions was…”strong belief or trust in someone or something”.  Thanks Merriam-Webster.   Belief and trust in something is important to make positive changes, for instance…I have faith that I can have a good day at the office today, I have faith that I can make good choices when it comes to lunch today, I have faith that I can get up and exercise tomorrow morning.  I believe those things are possible.  But it seems that sadly it only STARTS there, I have to actually do something about that trust.  That kind of stinks,but here I go.  I need a plan, and then I need to put that plan into Action.   Then and only then will my faith produce it’s desired results, maybe not today, but if I keep at it long enough and belief and trust in it long enough it will.  I think that is the whole point.  Give this a try, look at the things you want to accomplish, believe you can do it, plan your work and work your plan, and wham’o.

Dr. M

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