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I hear voices...

Has this ever happened to you?  You roll over at 3 in the AM and “click” your brain turns on.  Well last night, or more accurately this morning, at 2:13, CLICK.  Now the voices in my head start to chime in.  OK, some of you might be thinking…”I knew it he is crazy”, but they  aren’t those kinds of voices.  You can still think that if you want to however.  The fact is the voices are just different tones of the same familiar one, mine.  I look at them as two halves of the whole in my thinking.  They are named, Governor and Octane.  Now I admit the fact they have names may be a whee bit crazy but bear with me.  So Governor is the brake pedal of the mind, he wants to play it safe, don’t put yourself out there or take too many risks, you can’t do that…have you ever heard that one?  Octane on the other hand is the gas pedal, he just wants to go, do this do that, throw caution to the wind and just jump.  Like everything else in life there needs be a balance.  All brake and there is not progress, all gas pedal all the time and the car is going to explode.  So you are probably picking up on the theme, what we need to strive for is balance.  Just the right amounts of breaks and gas pedal.   That way Governor and Octane are both happy and healthy and we can move in the directions of our ideal life.  Allow yourself to think and dream of the things you want in your life, practice this, pay attention to who is talking the loudest and then determine if you are in or out of balance.  voices blog

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