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Dr. Marty will be out of the office

W-Th-F July 4th through July 6th


Starting Monday, July 2nd Healthy Living Chiropractic and Serenity for you Soul massage therapy & bodywork will be located in our office.

Please WELCOME Dr. Bre and Audrey when you see them!!



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Upcoming Events

True Cellular Detox

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You’re learning about the dangers of chemical stressors and how toxins affect our health. We’ve also touched on emotional stressors, and the impact they can have at the cellular level. Physical injuries and structural issues are a more obvious stress. But when chemical, emotional and physical stressors come together it is the perfect storm… and people get sick.

Interestingly, we can be exposed to the same stressors as others but react differently. The reason? Our current load of other stressors. How we process stressors depends upon many factors, including the bandwidth of our nervous system and how empty or full our stress bucket remains. Remember, our buckets are filled with physical, chemical and emotional stressors that cause them to overflow and trigger symptoms and disease. It will take time to remove the chemical stressors, and it’s sometimes impossible to remove the emotional stressors; however, the physical stressors we can more easily remove, which opens up detox pathways to empty the bucket faster of other stressors.

How do physical stressors impact True Cellular Detox™?

Everyone understands that stress creates ill health, but most miss the connecting factor: the “nervous system.” Physical stress adversely affects our well being through misalignments of the spine called subluxations. Subluxations create interference from our brain to our body, which will affect detox pathways as well as how cells function, communicate and detox. All healing comes from the body’s innate intelligence, and the brain organizes and orchestrates this communication and healing to every cell of the body. Interference physically, chemically, or emotionally with this innate intelligence will cause dis-ease in the body. All we can do is remove the interferences (R1, see article) and the body will do the healing.

There is also a counter effect. The more toxic we are, the more spinal misalignments we tend to have and, therefore, the more toxic we become over time. Regular chiropractic care to remove subluxations, moving the body daily, and maintaining flexibility is crucial to prevent and undo physical stressors. This is especially important during the True Cellular Detoxä program to get best results.

In this powerful training video, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, a world leader in chiropractic, and Dr. Pompa discuss physical stressors, how they impact our ability to heal, and ways to correct them to realize our best cellular health. Dr. Gentempo reminds us that stress can be good or bad: if we don’t’ have stress we’re dead. However, to live our healthiest lives we must mitigate the bad stress and leverage the good.

If you are interested in the videos please email us and we will get them to you.


In Dr. Pompa’s Dental 101, he introduces the role of amalgam fillings in relation to overall health, as well as and how and when to detox to remove this source of neurotoxicity.

Dangers of Amalgam Fillings

Join Dr. Pompa and Dr. Curatola in getting deeper into one of the main sources of toxicity for many. In this video, they share the dangers of amalgam fillings and how amalgam fillings can contribute to neurotoxicity and numerous health problems. Learn how True Cellular Detox can combat mercury in your mouth and body, and the timeline for detox while amalgam fillings are still in one’s mouth. Dr. Pompa and Dr. Curatola also discuss safety procedures for having amalgams removed properly and what to look for in a biological dentist.

The Mouth & Body Connection

The mouth is a primary gateway into the body, and a healthy mouth undoubtedly contributes to a healthy body. But did you know that many of the mouth care protocols commonly used can kill important bacteria for maintaining good health? The mouth is a microbiome in and of itself, and during this video Dr. Pompa and Dr. Curatola share how the mouth and body are connected and what we need to do to support a healthy mouth.